april goals

April Goals

No Soda

I gave this up for Lent, but have been slack with it.  It’s funny because before I told myself I couldn’t have it, I barely drank it.  Once it was on the NoNo list, I couldn’t resist.

I’ve stocked up on soda water & iced tea, so I’m hoping these things will help me get through it this go around.

Exercise 4 times a week

Even if it’s just a walk with Dad, I really need to get back in the habit of making time to workout.

Sticking with the Couch to 5k program, too.  I’ve been lax as of late, because I haven’t been working out as much, but it is still something I want to finish & successfully be able to do.

I also want to work on my arms more.  The summer is coming and I want to wear cute dresses without feeling the need to put a sweater over it.

Cook More

Since I’ve been living at home my dad has been cooking dinner.  He normally does a protein, a veggie and a starch.  All good, since I keep away from the starch (usually). But sometimes he’ll boil the veggies so all their goodness is taken out - basically, he doesn’t make the food I like to eat. But it makes my life simple, so I eat it.

I’m going to try to make 1-2 items over the weekend and save it for the rest of the week either as dinner or take it to work for lunch. I also want to bring snacks to work to keep my eyes off the candy pile.

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