Catch Up!

Challenge Failure

A friend of mine & I had a challenge going with one another to see if we could lose 17lbs by March 31.  We started in mid-January… so that gave us about 12 weeks.

She did great and lost 13lbs (so proud of her!) and I lost about 8.  (I’m offically weighing in at WW tomorrow morning).  Obviously, I didn’t do as well as I set out to do, but with a vacation in there, a few nights of drinking and not a terrible amount of exercise the last few weeks.. I’ll take it.  8 pounds is 8 pounds.

Diet Change Up

I’ll be moving in about 4 weeks (fingers crossed I find an apartment by then) for work.  And I’ll have to cancel my current WW membership.  I’m thinking of starting fresh in the new place and just going Paleo, or something similar.  I know the basics, but will read more on it in the next few weeks.

I’ve enjoyed WW, but spending $50 a month is a lot and I’m so busy, half the time I don’t stay for the meetings.  Although, it is something I would love to finish through & become a lifetime member.

Has anyone attempted doing WW & Paleo? What are your thoughts on starting fresh in a new place?

ONEderlands for Twenty Five

I’m turning 25 in 6 days. EEEEEK! And my scale this morning read 200.0.  This gave me the idea (and incentive) to kiss the 200’s goodbye and keep them a far away memory.

I think that would set the tone for not only a fantastic year, but for the second half of my 20s!

A few things I’m thinking of doing the next few days to get me there are cutting the sweets & soda (for real) and increasing my water & exercise. Any other suggestions?

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  1. feelingoftemptation said: ahh it is almost quarter life crisis time. Everyone I know freaked out about their lives when they were 25 and reconsidered their jobs and everything. It is normal, dont worry :D Good luck all your goals.
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