My Goals & Milestones


Starting Weight (with Weight Watchers in Aug 2010): 220.8

First Mini Goal: loss of 5% = -11lbs (209lbs)  Goal is to hit this by Sept 23rd.   Reached Jan 6, 2011!!

Second Mini Goal: loss of 30 lbs. (190lbs) by March 31, 2010

Third Mini Goal: loss of 10% = -22lbs (187lbs)

Ultimate Goal Weight: 155-160 range

… … … … …


Starting - Pants: 14 (closer to a 16) , Tops: Large/XL, Bra: 38DD

Goals - Pants: 8 , Tops: Medium

… … … … …


To get where I want to go, I need to have something to strive for.  That’s what these mini goals help me do.  Although the finish line may be way ahead in the distance, it’s the water stands and mile markers that help you get to the end.

I would like to reward myself for every 10lbs or so and the mini goals I’ve set with Weight Watchers. Things like: Sneakers, a day at the Spa (thanks to Groupon), maybe a new iPod or camera for the BIG GOALS, etc.

… … … … …


Over the next 18 months I have a lot of milestones that I would like to be able to mark my progress with.  Most of these are family or friend functions.  Stay Tuned as more events & milestones pop up!

  • March 2011 - Charity Gala, I would like to wear a dress and not be self-conscious about my arms. (and look hot too!)
  • April 2011 - 25th Birthday
  • May 2011 - Move to new town/office
  • Summer 2011 - Vacations, Bikini ?!?!?  & short shorts
  • July 2011 - Friends Wedding
  • Jan 2012 - Bridesmaid at my Cousins Wedding
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